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Bringing Everything I Am Into One Place

Following on from Michael Little’s blog, “Some things I can’t do, but some things I can”, Everything I am into One Place is a book that focuses on the findings of an inquiry into how we can all better support young people facing severe and multiple disadvantage.

Rebeca Sandu | 24 June 2015 | 0 Comments

Everything looks like nails to a hammer

I had the pleasure of attending the stimulating and thought-provoking 2-day Inclusion, Innovation and Impact conference held by the UK Evaluation Society.

Kate Tobin | 28 May 2015 | 0 Comments

Youth work and evidence-based practice: worlds apart?

Earlier this week I spoke at a seminar in London on ‘Perspectives on Evidence in Youth and Community Work’ organised by The Professional Association of Lecturers in Youth and Community Work and the Centre for Youth Impact.

Nick Axford | 1 April 2015 | 2 Comments

“Some things I can’t do, but some things I can”

We are in the process of editing a book on young people facing severe and multiple disadvantage, the results on an Inquiry led by young people and supported by Dartington and the LankellyChase Foundation. There are lots of words spilling on to the cutting room floor, some of them very good words, including this poem prepared by Sean Mahoney.

Michael Little | 4 December 2014 | 0 Comments

The bad behaviour of good people

People are neither bad nor good, they are both. So goes the argument of Amelia Kohm – a collaborator and former student of the SRU – in the first of a new series of ibooks by the SRU.

Michael Little | 28 November 2014 | 0 Comments

How to copy and get away with it

A consortium led by Catch-22 in partnership with the Social Research Unit at Dartington, the Young Foundation and Substance have been working on a major project funded by the Big Lottery Fund called Realising Ambition for a few years now. We have allocated £25 million to enable 23 voluntary organisations – large and small – […]

Michael Little | 28 November 2014 | 0 Comments

How does social work, work?

At the end of September I led a seminar at the LankellyChase Foundation on behalf of Frontline, an organisation testing innovations in social work training. The seminar brought together a group of experts, in social work, in children and families, and in research. Our idea is to start a conversation about how social work works, […]

Michael Little | 28 November 2014 | 0 Comments

Focusing on what works, not just what is new

This is the approach taken by Realising Ambition – a £25 million programme replicating interventions aimed at preventing children and young people from entering the criminal justice system. This blog is the first of a series looking at features that support organisations to replicate effectively. Here Tim Hobbs and Cassandra Ohlson explore the importance of having a tightly defined intervention with a clear focus on outcomes.

Tim Hobbs | 13 November 2014 | 0 Comments

Standards, standards, everywhere

In the children’s services field we are seeing the emergence of a number of sets of standards – specifically, standards of evidence. This is on the back of a renewed commitment to evidence informing policy and practice. In this blog Nick Axford gives an overview and provides some suggested ‘rules’, or principles, that might help those of us involved in developing and applying standards of evidence.

Nick Axford | 6 February 2014 | 0 Comments

Growing frogs

A common objection to evidence-based programmes is that they are squeezing out innovation. Here we argue the opposite: that these programmes are products of innovation, and therefore that more – and, critically, better – innovation is needed. This is why we have recently published ‘Design & Refine: Developing effective interventions for children and young people’. We have written it to help people working in children’s services to design an intervention and plan for its implementation.

Nick Axford | 25 October 2013 | 0 Comments