Generation Change Impact Accelerator

Working with six pilot organisations to explore how they can improve their impact through service design, and pragmatic use of data.


Generation Change is an umbrella organisation of organisations that are working to improve youth outcomes through Your Social Action. We have been working with them to help design and deliver their Impact Accelerator project. This is based on a self assessment using the Realising Ambition Confidence Framework, and then support to address and areas of weakness identified through the assessment.

“We work to encourage the development of a learning organisational culture, where challenges are expected and overcome using creativity, data and evidence.”

Our role

The Lab works alongside the pilot organisations in many ways to support their development. This often involves helping them to develop and refine a theory of change, revise the metrics used to evaluate outcomes, and explore way through which they can monitor the quality of implementation of their project. We work with them to encourage the development of a learning organisational culture, where challenges are expected and overcome using creativity, data and evidence.

Our partners

This work is commissioned by Generation Change and funded by Esme Fairburn and Big Change

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See also thematic leads for the Centre for Youth Impact

Project Timeline


AugustThe Lab team met with the Scouts Association to discuss the possibilities for use of data and evidence in the Scouts and how this might help them to do what they do! We mapped the kinds of evidence they collected and what they used them for.The Lab team and some of the London based Inspire team visited the Vinspire NCS team in Newcastle to discuss common outcomes for local delivery partners.

JulyThe Lab met with the trustees of The Key to discuss their involvement in the Impact Accelerator. They were universally positive and could see how this could really help to focus efforts on measuring outcomes.

MayThe Lab met with the trustees of Envision to discuss their theory of change. We enjoyed a long debate about ultimate outcomes, intermediate outcomes and how these linked to specific activities. We were also complimented on our geekiness.

AprilThe Lab led a workshop in Newcastle with the staff of The Key to help them to understand and develop their theory of change. They were able to identify clear goals for the programme and how the theory of self-determination was key to their success.

FebruaryGeneration Change and The Lab held a review day for all Impact Accelerator pilot organisations to check in on learning and see where there was opportunity for supporting others in the programme.

FebruaryThe Lab team met with the Citizenship Foundation to develop their theory of change, mapping all activities onto outcomes to clearly demonstrate how they expected to see the changes they wanted for children in schools.


DecemberThe Lab team had a workshop with Envision to discuss their theory of change. There was much lively and engaging debate!

NovemberThroughout November the Lab team and Generation Change met with the CEOs of the pilot organisations to make sure they were aware of the extent of the commitment they were making.

September The Impact Accelerator (then termed the Quality Mark) pilot programme was launched at the Young Foundation.

JuneOrganisations were selected to participate in the pilot project.

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