Louise Morpeth, PhD

Senior Associate - Service design and system reform specialist and trainer with extensive experience of working with children’s services in local authorities, philanthropy and charities.

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Dartington, Devon

Louise’s primary interest is in using research and data to improve the lives of children. She has comprehensive knowledge of public systems, notably children’s social care, as well as experience of implementing and testing a range of evidence-based programmes.

Joining the Dartington Social Research Unit in 1997, she went on to become co-director and latterly CEO. She led numerous research and development projects, including convening a consortium that secured a £17 million contract to run the Family Nurse Partnership National Unit.

Louise was awarded a PhD in social policy from Exeter University in 2004. She has contributed to over 30 articles and books, and is a reviewer for the Journal of Children’s Services.

Louise is providing strategic leadership to the system reform project ‘Keeping more children safely at home’ and contributing to the development and dissemination of FNP ADAPT.

She is a fellow of the RSA and enjoys adventures in her campervan.


Selected publications

Kemp, F., Ohlson, C., Raja, A., Morpeth, L. & Axford, N. (2017) Fund-mapping: the investment of public resources in the well-being of children and young people in Northern Ireland, Child Care in Practice.

Axford, N. & Morpeth, L. (2013) Evidence-based programs in children’s services: A critical appraisal, Children and Youth Services Review 35(2): 268-277.

Little, M., Berry, V., Morpeth, L., Blower, S., Axford, N., Taylor, R., Bywater, T., Lehtonen, M. & Tobin, K. (2012) The impact of three evidence-based programmes delivered in public systems in Birmingham, UK, International Journal of Conflict and Violence, 6, 2012, 260-272.

Axford, N. & Morpeth, L. (2012) The Common Language service development method: from strategy development to implementation of evidence-based practice. In Kelly, B. & Perkins, D. (Eds) Handbook of Implementation Science for Psychology in Education, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.