Michaela Rawsthorne

Associate - Extensive experience on literature/evidence reviews and innovative practices work.

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Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Michaela is founder of Mergen Consultants, a US-based consulting firm specialising in writing and research. She has a nearly 20-year career that includes serving as the Research and Evaluation Manager for the London-based Prison Advice and Care Trust and as a Policy Analyst for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US.

In August 2010, Michaela began working with the Dartington Social Research Unit in support of the evidence-based and innovative practices work. She is a skilled reviewer and is adept at transforming complex information into a readable narrative, that isn’t dumbed down.

Michaela holds a Bachelors of Arts, with honours, in American History, Political Science and Economics from the Ohio State University and a Master of Public Policy from the University of Chicago.


Selected Publications

Barlow, J., Schrader-McMillan, A., Axford, N., Wrigley, Z., Sonthalia, S., Wilkinson, T., Rawsthorn, M., Toft, A. and Coad, J. (2016), Review: Attachment and attachment-related outcomes in preschool children – a review of recent evidence. Child Adolescent Mental Health, 21: 11–20. (doi:10.1111/camh.12138).

“Real World Methodology: Appreciative Inquiry.” Atlanta area Evaluation Association (AaEA) Newsletter (Spring 2007: Vol. 7, No. 1).