People in Harmony Event Launch

People in Harmony has commissioned cutting-edge research into the lives of mixed race children and families in 21st century England.


People in Harmony, an anti-racist organisation that promotes the positive experience of interracial life in Britain today, are promoting their new report “Mixed Race Children and Families in the UK” with three launch events across England.

This research uses data from the Dartington Service Design Lab’s ChildrenCount Wellbeing Surveys; a suite of tools designed to measure – at the local population level – children’s health and development from birth to early adulthood.

“In using a state-of-the-art and up-to-date survey of parents of nought to nine-year-olds, ‘Breaking Stereotypes with Data’ provides new insights into the pervasive nature of lingering stereotypes, concluding that the lives of mixed race children and families are far more complex than these stereotypes would have us believe.”


The report will be launched in Bristol, London and Manchester, in February and March. Attendance is free, although spaces are limited. If you would like to attend, please email

For more details, please visit:


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