Lizzie Goodwin

Lab Researcher



Lizzie joined the Lab in May 2019. She has had a varied history working within Children’s Social Care, Youth work and on an NHS change programme to name a few. She’s worked at the front end of the services that the Lab work with and has seen first-hand the struggles apparent. She has a BSc Psychology (Hons) degree from Plymouth University and has also received an MSc from Aston University in Health Psychology. She’s passionate about making a change to people’s lives and is excited to get into the nitty-gritty of systems and services.

Her passion is qualitative research, particularly interviews, with an interest in children’s services both within physical and mental health as well as social care. While working on an NHS Change Programme in Wales, her passion for Psychology and research grew even further, and so she embarked on her MSc in Health Psychology. Her MSc research focused on the experience of parents caring for a child diagnosed with a neurological condition. This research further supported the need to change the diagnosis system to ensure families obtain the information, care and support needed. As a result of her MSc her passion for research, making a change and helping to get the best results have come to the fore.

When she’s not reading up on various Psychology theories or analyzing data, she loves to make vintage style clothes, bake and go for strolls around woods, preferably with a stream involved. Her love for the countryside and the sea, have seen her move from Wales back down to the South West where she grew up.