Maria Portugal

Communications & Design Specialist - Maria is a designer by training. She applies a design process and her skills and experience to service design and system reform efforts as well as the communication of the Lab’s work to a diverse range of audiences.


07864 396907


Maria is passionate about a bringing a designer’s approach to collaboration, interdisciplinary working, public engagement and producing elegant proposals for complex matters. She is a PhD candidate and the co-founder of the student-led platform: PhD By Design.

Maria joined the Lab in July 2017 as Communications and Design Specialist. She previously worked as lead designer for a cancer research project (bridging medical knowledge and patient experience) and as a designer/researcher and lab manager at the School of Arts and Design in Porto (ESAD, Portugal) where she also completed her BA and Masters in Design.

In her free time Maria loves dancing and cooking. She is also interested in international politics and documentaries.

Some of her work