Tim Hobbs, PhD

CEO - Tim is responsible for shaping the ideas and strategic direction of the Lab and for the general oversight and running of the charity.



07856 686820

Dartington, Devon

Tim has spent over a decade working with numerous public systems, charities and foundations to help shape a series of bold investments and experiments designed to improve child outcomes. He is passionate about fusing science-based and user-centred design approaches to system reform and service design.

Tim joined the Dartington Social Research Unit as a researcher in 2004, later becoming Head of Data and Analytics. He was appointed as the first Director of the Dartington Service Design Lab in April 2017. He holds a first-class BSc in Psychology and Criminology and a PhD in Social and Policy Sciences. Alongside Nick Axford, Tim is a recipient of the Kammerman and Khan Award from the International Society of Child Indicators. He is a 2016 Clore Social Fellow.

In his spare time Tim enjoys camping and surfing in Devon and Cornwall, and reading a mixture of high-brow literature and dubious quality Sci-Fi.

Some of his work