Looking to share charity back-office functions? We can help!


New Philanthropy Capital tonight launch a new report into models of collaborative modelling and mergers between charities. They argue that models of charities collaborating and merging some or all of their functions can offer significant potential, not only to create efficiencies and save costs, but more importantly, to free charities up to focus on what really matters to them and those they serve.


We at the Dartington Service Design Lab agree, and think it makes pragmatic and economic sense for small to medium- sized charities to share ‘back-office’ administrative functions.


In May 2016, initially as a short-term trial, our Devon-based operations team took over the immediate support needs of the charity ‘Success for All’ based in York. The partnership went from strength to strength and has continued on a formal basis since then. In the near future Success for All, now based in Peterborough, are going through a period of rapid growth, scaling up their work across the UK. Our support has played a part in helping them achieve this.


The Lab operations team now have the capacity to support other charities; this can be picked and mixed to cover the potential gaps or needs that other charities may have. This might include financial processing and management, HR, grant and contract management, IT and supporting governance arrangements.

For us this is a no-brainer: it generates a small return for our charity and saves money for those we support, meaning everyone can focus on doing the good work they exist to do.

See the attached brochure for more info, and get in touch if this is interesting.


Brian Warren, OBE

Head of Operations


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